From event tickets, boarding passes to transit tickets, your users can purchase and add all their tickets in Google Wallet.
Let your users add event tickets to their mobile devices, then enter the venue by showing barcodes, QR codes, or using NFC. Plus, engage with them through real-time notifications, event updates, and messaging.
Enable customers to add boarding passes on any Android device and receive automated notifications, reminders, and real-time updates about their flight status.
Google Wallet uses open loop NFC for transit agencies that accept credit and debit cards as payment. Enhance your users' experience with features like rich transit receipts, faster payment from device lock screens, and Google Maps integration.
Google Wallet uses closed loop NFC for agencies that require users to have virtual transit cards. Users can see important information, like available card balance, expiration date, and travel history, and top-up their fare cards on their phone.
Passengers can add tickets to Google Wallet. For agencies that rely on paper tickets and visual inspections with fare inspectors or QR scanners, Google Wallet offers a digital version of these tickets with enhanced features to prevent copying through screenshots.