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Google Wallet API already allows you to engage with users through various pre-defined types of passes (loyalty card, offer, gift card, event ticket, transit ticket, boarding pass, vaccine card) which come with use-case specific fields and features.

We recognize that our existing 7 pass types might not fit every use case, and that is why we created a generic pass type. As the name suggests, generic pass type should be used when your use case does not fit into any of our other specialized types. To understand how the Generic Pass can support your specific use case, visualize your pass in real time.

Use cases

Below are a few example use cases that fit the model for the Generic Vertical:

  • parking passes
  • library membership cards
  • stored value vouchers
  • gym membership cards
  • driver insurance cards
  • reservations of various kinds
  • country border crossing QR codes
  • customer pre-screen confirmation codes

Get started

Please note that we are still working on adding generic type to Google Pay and Wallet Console.

Get started with our hands on Codelab for Web and Android, or start by choosing the right integration for you. The right integration for you depends on your specific requirements and is mostly driven by how you wish to reach your customers.