Public transit operators (PTOs) can work with one of our affiliated partners who can help them onboard on Google Pay.

Transit agencies that integrate with this solution allow users to save their tickets on Google Pay wallets. These tickets are usually valid for a limited time and the validity is verified through visual inspection. They include important information, like ticket type or expiry date. This solution works best for agencies that don't have a gated entry and rely on visual inspection of tickets by the fare inspectors.

This solution requires little or no development or maintenance work from the transit agencies, and it offers a more convenient way for users to pay for their rides.


  • Work with an affiliated partner

    Transit agencies that enable Google Pay’s Token Transit integration give riders the ability to purchase their passes directly from Google Pay for Transit and Google Maps when they view transit directions or plan a trip. Riders don't need to download another app. When riders select a trip that's served by the transit agency, they can tap the "Buy Pass with GPay" button and it provides a list of available fares, which is controlled by the agency. Fare purchases happen instantly through the rider’s GPay account, and fare revenue is automatically deposited into the agency’s bank account. Riders can activate their pass right away or save it for later use.

  • Become an affiliated partner

    If you are a system integrator, we can work together to establish you as an affiliated partner. Get started by contacting us here.