Businesses & organizations can accept IDs from Google Wallet to securely and seamlessly verify a person's information.
When a person adds their ID to Google Wallet, they submit information to the issuer to prove their identity, and the ID is only added when the issuer approves. The ID contains all the relevant information from a person's ID (name, date-of-birth, portrait image etc.) and is cryptographically signed - allowing a business to verify its authenticity.
Presenting an ID from Google Wallet just requires tapping or scanning a QR code on the phone. Once the transaction has been initiated, the ID holder will review the requested data on their phone and then authenticate to confirm the transaction. The business can easily verify the transmitted data for authenticity by checking the cryptographic signature. Soon IDs will be able to be presented in-apps as well with similar easy steps.
IDs in Google Wallet are built on an open ISO standard, hence the same technology used to read a Google Wallet can be used with any other Wallet that implements the same standard regardless of device or operating system.

How to use IDs from Google Wallet

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Accept IDs from Google Wallet with tap or QR scan. Potential uses include:
  • Age Verification: Request age to verify before purchasing age-restricted items or access to age-restricted venues.
  • Identity Verification: Request name and address to verify a person's identity for legal compliance or fraud-mitigation.
  • Driving Privileges: Verify a person's ability to drive (e.g. when renting a car).
Soon apps will be able accept IDs from Google Wallet. Potential uses include:
  • Account Verification: Request a person's name or address to validate identity for regulatory legal or fraud mitigation.
  • Age Verification: Request a person's age prior to access to age restricted services.