Using the Tango Unity UX Package

This page describes how to use features of the Tango UX package in Unity. For more information about the features themselves, see our UX package Overview.

Configuring the UX Package in Unity

In Unity, the UX package is part of the Tango Manager prefab and is controlled by the Tango Ux script. It is enabled by default.

The Tango Ux script has a few options:

  • Enable UX Library enables the UX package.
  • Draw Default UX Exceptions enables popup warnings for common user errors.
  • Show Connection Screen displays a "Hold Steady" screen as Tango initializes.
  • Hold Posture warns users if they are holding the device the wrong way. For example, DOWN means the application is meant to be used while looking down and will display a warning if the user looks up with the device.

These settings can also be changed programmatically.

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