Google Maps Street View is one of our most popular brands and among the best-known within the 360 industry. Through this program, developers can leverage the brand when marketing products as having the capabilities of publishing 360 imagery to Street View. Please note that this program does not apply to any operational or mechanical functions.

For Street View-compatible 360 cameras tailored for in-motion recording with a high degree of accuracy and image quality.

To find out more about your product’s eligibility, check out the Street View ready pro specifications.

Approved products will be welcome to use a "Street View ready pro" badge, subject to our branding guidelines. We may also feature select products on the Street View website or discuss additional co-promotion opportunities with you.

For cameras and/or publishing utilities that upload to Street View.

To find out if your product is eligible to use a “Street View ready” badge, check out our branding guidelines.

Start by checking out the Open Spherical Camera API and Street View Publish API to start building your product’s Street View functionality. Please note that, as of May 2018, access to methods and documentation for 360 photo sequences in the Street View Publish API is by invitation only. For more information, please feel free to reach out via Street View Publish API Support.