Revision History

Authenticated Card FOP v1 Specification Revision History

This is a revision history noting significant changes to the Authenticated Card FOP APIs.

Date API Version Change Description APIs Impacted
2021-09-29 0.0.22 Add PaymentToken as an AccountDetails option. Authenticate, FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2021-09-16 0.0.21 Add an example for nano exchange rate. Settlement
2021-08-25 0.0.20 Add PIAID segment to POST URLs. Google-hosted
2021-08-16 0.0.19 Refactor aggregate adjustment types in the settlement API Settlement
2021-07-20 0.0.18 Update host documentation. All
2021-07-12 0.0.17 Adding new response codes to prenotify method FundsTransfer
2021-06-25 0.0.16 Adding fee types to settlement API Settlement
2021-06-23 0.0.15 Adding aggregated adjustment types to settlement API Settlement
2021-04-22 0.0.14 Adding failure cases to mandate flows FundsTransfer
2021-03-29 0.0.13 Adding mandate support for recurring payments FundsTransfer, GenerateInvoice
2021-02-24 0.0.12 Adding interchange++ support to settlement API Settlement
2021-02-02 0.0.11 Removing deprecated fields from refund methods Refund
2021-01-07 0.0.10 Adding new capture response code FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-12-15 0.0.9 Adding new capture response codes FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-12-01 0.0.8 Adding UNKNOWN as AVS not supported option FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-10-21 0.0.7 Changes to refund methods Refund
2020-10-12 0.0.6 Added payment_integrator_authentication_id to CaptureRequest FundsTransfer
2020-10-01 0.0.6 Change the structure and names within redirectUrlResult to align with GSP Redirect flow. Authenticate
2020-09-28 0.0.5 Added authentication result code option GetAuthenticateResult, FundsTransfer
2020-09-10 0.0.4 Incorporated various changes received from feedback Authenticate, FundsTransfer, ReserveFunds
2020-09-10 0.0.3 Documented RedirectUrlResponse Authentication
2020-08-19 0.0.2 Added SettlementNotification Settlement
2020-08-05 0.0.1 Added revision history file None