This guide will help you integrate your FOP with Google Standard Payments. If you still have trouble with your integration, reach out to your Google contact for more help.

Steps to follow

Implement these steps carefully, and in order:

  1. Read this introduction. This includes a high-level overview, including details on authentication and user flows.
  2. Follow the guide for your particular form of payment. For instance, if you want to integrate a Cash FOP, use that guide. Make sure you implement all of the APIs required, including the Remittance APIs.
  3. Upload your company logos following the Logo branding guidelines.
  4. Go through the testing process. Before testing is complete, your FOP cannot be released.
  5. Once you are done testing, you are ready to launch. Follow the launch process to ensure as smooth a release as possible.

If your remittance statement and the integrator's expected results do not align, use the Remittance dispute page to help troubleshoot the issue.