Error messages

Error code Message Description
400 Invalid <parameter name>: <value> The given device parameter was provided with an invalid value.
400 CBSD must not set active configuration. A device with an active configuration was passed to CreateDevice().
400 CBSD out-of-date: <CBSD> The device configuration changed on the server prior to being passed to SignDevice().
400 Secret expired: <secret> The secret passed to ValidateInstaller() has expired.
400 No 'value' in JWT payload. The encoded JWT did not contain the 'value' field.
400 Signature verification error. The CPI signature could not be verified.
401 A missing request required an authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie, or other valid authentication credential. See identity sign-in for web devconsole project for details. The credentials passed to the API call were missing.
403 No permissions to call this method. The caller is missing the role required to call the method.
403 Installer not verified. The caller has the role_cpi role but needs to be validated in order to make the API call.
404 Requested entity was not found. The resource specified in the API call doesn't exist.
409 Entity already exists. The resource specified in the API call already exists.