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Academic papers and articles advancing the state of the art of open source silicon design.
Tim Ansell, Mehdi Saligane
Google, University of Michigan
Mohamed Shalan and Tim Edwards
The American University in Cairo, eFabless Corporation
GOMACTech '21
Andrew B. Kahng and Tom Spyrou
CSE and ECE Depts. UC San Diego, Precision Innovations Inc.
Jinwook Jung, Andrew B. Kahng, Seungwon Kim and Ravi Varadarajan
UC San Diego, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Jennifer Hasler, Barry Muldrey, Parker Hardy
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Mississippi
DATE '21
Gaurav Kumar K, Baibhab Chatterjee and Shreyas Sen
School of ECE, Purdue University
FPGA '21
King Lok Chung, Nguyen Dao, Jing Yu and Dirk Koch
Computer Science, The University of Manchester
FPL '21
Xifan Tang, Ganesh Gore, Grant Brown and Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon
Laboratory for NanoIntegrated Systems (LNIS), University of Utah
ICAC3 '21
Madhuri Kadam
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Dept. Shree L.R. Tiwari College of Engineering, University of Mumbai
Duc-Manh Tran, Ngo-Doanh Nguyen, Duy-Hieu Bui and Xuan-Tu Tran
The Information Technology Institute Vietnam Nation University
Shivang Patel, Amisha Naik
Nirma University
Charaan S, Nalinkumar S, Elavarasan P, Prakash P, Kasthuri P
MIT Campus, Anna University
Pantea Kiaei, Zhenyuan Liu Patrick Schaumont
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
DAC '22
Alex Carsello, James Thomas, Ankita Nayak, Po-Han Chen, Mark Horowitz, Priyanka Raina, and Christopher Torng
Stanford University