Google Sheets API

Reads and writes Google Sheets.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

Collection: v4.spreadsheets

batchUpdate POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}:batchUpdate
Applies one or more updates to the spreadsheet.
create POST /v4/spreadsheets
Creates a spreadsheet, returning the newly created spreadsheet.
get GET /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}
Returns the spreadsheet at the given ID.

Collection: v4.spreadsheets.sheets

copyTo POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/sheets/{sheetId}:copyTo
Copies a single sheet from a spreadsheet to another spreadsheet.

Collection: v4.spreadsheets.values

append POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}:append
Appends values to a spreadsheet.
batchClear POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values:batchClear
Clears one or more ranges of values from a spreadsheet.
batchGet GET /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values:batchGet
Returns one or more ranges of values from a spreadsheet.
batchUpdate POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values:batchUpdate
Sets values in one or more ranges of a spreadsheet.
clear POST /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}:clear
Clears values from a spreadsheet.
get GET /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}
Returns a range of values from a spreadsheet.
update PUT /v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}
Sets values in a range of a spreadsheet.

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