Why you are seeing recommendations on developers.google.com

Page recommendations on developers.google.com help you find related and popular content as you browse. We generate recommendations by collecting the information below.

Information collected to generate recommendations

  • Your info:
  • Your activity:
    • Pages you have visited in your previous sessions on developers.google.com only
    • Pages you have visited in your current session on developers.google.com only
    • Specific projects or product areas you have repeatedly searched on developers.google.com only
  • Other info:
    • Timestamp of page visit

Manage your recommendations

Recommendations for developers.google.com are dependent on you Web & App Activity in My Activity. To review what information is collected in your Web & App Activity and if you would like to enable or disable it, please visit your My Activity.

If Web & App Activity is disabled, you may still see content recommendations on developers.google.com. These recommendations are generic and based only on the current page. No user-specific information is collected or used to provide these recommendations.

Note: Any information collected will be used in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy.