This API has been shut down and is no longer available. Migrate to Google Photos Library API to avoid disruptions to your application.

Release Notes

This document describes the changes from version 1 to version 2 of this API and other subsequent updates included as part of version 2.

For general information about migrating your client from version 1 to version 2, see the Google Data Protocol Developer's Guide versions description.

Partial response and partial update [March 22, 2010]

New features have been added that let you make requests that retrieve or send only the data of interest and nothing more, allowing you to make performance and efficiency improvements. For more information, read the partial response and partial update sections of the Picasa Web Albums Data API Protocol guide.

New image and thumbnail sizes [Oct. 22nd, 2009]

Several new image sizes have been added for the imgmax and thumbsize parameters. The former limit for embeddable image sizes has been raised from 800px to 1600px. This means that effectively all available sizes can now be embedded on webpages. For more info see the updated reference section here

Resource versioning

The API now uses ETags to indicate when an entry has changed. For more information, read the ETags section of the Google Data Protocol documentation, and read the Update and Delete sections of the Picasa Web Albums Data API Protocol guide.

Canonical album titles deprecated

Canonical album titles no longer appear in any feeds or URLs. To refer to a resource, use the album ID instead.

Elements removed

The following elements are no longer used in feeds:

  • <gphoto:client>
  • <gphoto:name>
  • <gphoto:position>
  • <gphoto:version>

Elements added

Documentation has been added for the following elements, which can appear as part of photo entries returned in search feed results:

Visibility values

The way visibility is handled has changed. For more information, see Visibility values in the reference guide.

Java client library extension elements

All elements that were formerly declared as inner classes of have been moved under the main data path, to

The affected elements are:

  • GphotoAlbumId
  • GphotoCommentCount
  • GphotoCommentsEnabled
  • GphotoConstruct
  • GphotoNickname
  • GphotoPhotoId
  • GphotoThumbnail
  • GphotoTimestamp
  • GphotoUsername
  • GphotoVersion

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