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The Picasa Web Albums Data API allows client applications to view and update albums, photos, and comments in the form of Google Data API feeds.

Your client application can use the Picasa Web Albums Data API to create new albums, upload photos, add comments, edit or delete existing albums, photos, and comments, and query for items that match particular criteria.

Available Versions

There are multiple supported versions of the Picasa Web Albums Data API. The documentation for each version includes:

  • A protocol-level developer's guide

    Describes how to use HTTP to access the Picasa Web Albums API using the Google Data Protocol directly, without using a client library.

  • A protocol-level reference

    Gives syntax details of the API in terms of the Google Data Protocol's Atom representation.

  • Some developer's guides for other languages

    Describe how to use the Picasa Web Albums API with each of the languages in the set of client libraries that support that version. Notice that client library support, and consequently the availability of documentation, sometimes lags behind the version of the API supported at the protocol level. As a result, some client libraries can access only an older version of the Picasa Web Albums Data API.

The resources for each available version are given below.

API Version Protocol-level Documentation Client Library Developer's Guides
Protocol Guide, Atom Reference Java, Objective-C (client library docs only)
Protocol Guide, Atom Reference Java, .NET, PHP, Python

The Protocol Guide and each of the language guides covers the same material: how to get started and how to perform basic operations using that language. Even if you choose to use one of the client libraries, you may want to review the Protocol Guide to gain an understanding of the underlying protocol used by all the client libraries.

Version 2 of the Picasa Web Albums Data API includes support for all Protocol v2.0 features. For information on how to migrate your client application from version 1 to version 2, see the Google Data Protocol Developer's Guide versions description. For additional information on what's changed, see the Picasa Web Albums Data API 2.0 release notes.

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