Google Pay API for Passes for Android Reference

To integrate a Google Pay API for Passes button in your Android app as described in Native Android SDK, refer to the documentation in "Save to Google Pay -> Use the native Android SDK".

The Android API button will only work properly if your app is whitelisted. You can whitelist your app by completing the steps in Basic Setup -> Native Android SDK.

A list of the relevant methods for Google Pay API for Passes are below.

Object name Description
CreateWalletObjectsRequest Parcelable representing request to create wallet objects.
GiftCardWalletObject Parcelable representing a gift card object.
LoyaltyWalletObject Parcelable representing a loyalty card object.
OfferWalletObject Parcelable representing a offer object.
Wallet The main entry point for Google Wallet integration. You need to build a GoogleApiClient using the API and the appropriate Wallet.WalletOptions.
WalletConstants Collection of constant values used by the ClientLibrary.