Error objects

This reference describes the Google Pay API error object options to use with your website. Error objects are objects that are returned by a rejected promise from a client JavaScript method.


This object contains details about errors returned by client JavaScript methods. Errors might not be displayed in a user-facing dialog.

Property Type Description
statusCode string Short code that describes the type of error.
statusMessage string Developer-facing message that describes the error encountered and possible steps to correct it.

Common errors

This object displays errors that you might encounter across all JavaScript methods. Be sure to check the developer console for additional error messages.

Status Code Description
BUYER_ACCOUNT_ERROR The current Google user is unable to provide payment information.

A passed parameter is improperly formatted. An error message may appear in the browser console for all configured environments.


The site accessing the Google Pay API does not have the right permission. This could be due to either an incorrect configuration or an incorrect merchant identifier set in the request. Check the statusMessage field for more details. If you continue to have trouble, please contact support.

INTERNAL_ERROR General server error.