Test card suite

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The new test card suite empowers Google Pay developers to run integration and API tests without the need to add a real credit card in their Google Account.

This resource supports the following:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex card networks
  • PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS authentication methods
  • A single billing address in the US
  • Shipping addresses in the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Russia, and Singapore

These sample credit cards are intended for use with our integration checklist. To use them in our TEST environment, join our user group. While logged into an account that has joined the above group and viewing the payment sheet in the test environment, the Google Pay payment sheet will display a set of test cards. You can use these cards to complete the integration checklist required to submit your integration with the Google Pay and Wallet Console and request production access.

You are free to leave or join our test card suite group as needed. To leave, select My membership settings and click Leave group.