C++ Reference: class RelocateSubtrip

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Tries to move subtrips after an insertion node. A subtrip is a subsequence that contains only matched pickup and delivery nodes, or pickup-only nodes, i.e. it cannot contain a pickup without a corresponding delivery or vice-versa.

For a given subtrip given by path indices i_1 ... i_k, we call 'rejected' the nodes with indices i_1 < j < i_k that are not in the subtrip. If the base_node is a pickup, this operator selects the smallest subtrip starting at base_node such that rejected nodes are only deliveries. If the base_node is a delivery, it selects the smallest subtrip ending at base_node such that rejected nodes are only pickups.

Return type: std::string


Return type: bool


Arguments: const std::vector<IntVar*>& vars, const std::vector<IntVar*>& secondary_vars, std::function<int(int64)> start_empty_path_class, const RoutingIndexPairs& pairs