Slot Allocation and Project Selection


  1. Review all submitted proposals and decide which you are interested in.
  2. Make sure you have at least one mentor identified for each proposal you are considering. Mentors should not be the primary mentor on more than one project.
  3. Org Admin requests a minimum and maximum number of desired project slots.
  4. Google allocates slots to each organization.
  5. Organization will look at proposals and make student selections to fill received slots. Be sure to have a backup ready in case a student drops out before the students are announced.
  6. Org Admin enters selections (student and assigned mentor(s)) into website.


What is a slot?

Each student project will ultimately fill a project “slot”.

How do we decide how many slots our org needs?

Organizations will request the minimum and maximum number of students they would like for the summer based on the number of excellent student proposals they have received. Before you determine your numbers remember at least one mentor (preferably two) should be committed to work on the student proposal.

How does slot allocation work?

Google will review all of the slot requests from each of the orgs and will distribute a set number of student slots amongst all orgs. Orgs with a successful track record (former students reported having a positive experience with the org) are more likely to receive more slots.

What happens if we received more slots than we can use?

Google will never give you more slots than you have requested. However, if you receive the number you requested and realize that you no longer have enough mentors for the projects or can’t use all of your slots, those slots will go unused. An org cannot trade/give unused slots to other orgs.

We’re a new GSoC org. How do we decide how many slots to request?

We suggest that you request a conservative number of slots. We regularly hear from new orgs that mentoring students is more work than expected. Fewer student projects will help prevent overload -- which is better for the orgs, mentors and students. Keep in mind, no matter how many slots are requested, new orgs are often only granted one or two slots in their first year to ease them into GSoC.

Important Notes about Slots and Slot Requests

  • If you only need one slot then please only request one slot for your maximum and your minimum number.
  • Do not accept proposals that are just “okay” to fill your student slots. You should only be accepting very good proposals. A mediocre proposal rarely results in a successful GSoC project at the end of the summer.
  • Please consider your slot minimum and maximum requests very carefully. Because you can not give back slots once they have been given to your org, any slots you don’t use means fewer students being accepted into GSoC this year.

Handling Conflicts

If you try to select a student that has already been selected by another organization, you will see a notice that the student has been selected by another org. The contact info for that org’s admins will be displayed so you can reach out to them directly to see if they would be willing to release the student so that your org can claim them. Then they can choose a different student for that slot.

Google Program Administrators will not get involved in these discussions. It is up to the organization that first chose the student to decide how they wish to proceed. Do not ask the student which org they prefer, because that leaks the fact that they will be accepted before final decisions are announced.