Post GSoC TODO List

Congratulations on passing Google Summer of Code!

This is a great achievement and you should be very proud of everything you've accomplished over the last 3+ months.

Your journey doesn't have to end here!

Now What?

  1. Update your resume to include your work as a Google Summer of Code student.

    1. Remember to say Google Summer of Code <year> participant with <org name>. You were not a Google employee or intern, and must not claim to be. Do not say so on your resume. A correct example: Google Summer of Code 2020 participant with Apache
    2. Be sure to spell out Google Summer of Code, don't put GSoC - not everyone knows what GSoC is!
    3. If you have been a student multiple times indicate that on your resume too.
  2. Keep working on your project. You worked hard all summer! Don't abandon your project just because GSoC is over! One way to make sure that your project stays alive is by maintaining it and adding new features. If there's anything in (or not in) your code that's keeping you awake at night, you can always work on that after the coding period ends.

  3. Stay involved with your community. Your open source community can always use a helping hand so find a way to keep contributing to the community. Orgs may need folks to step up into advocacy roles, where you can talk about the project to others. You can help fix (or create) onboarding documentation from your personal experiences or help clean up documentation.

  4. Attend a Meetup or Conference. A lot of organizations host opportunities to speak at conferences throughout the year or attend one nearby or virtually. Help organize an event, you spent 3.5 months working with this open source community, now help others get excited too!

  5. Talk to others about the importance of open source development. Be an open source advocate at your academic institution, your high school, or tech meetups in your local area.

  6. Be a mentor and help others! Mentors who are former GSoC students are often some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated.

  7. Want to apply for a role at Google? If you are ready to apply for an internship at Google, or once you graduate and wish to apply for a full time role at Google, be sure to include your Google Summer of Code participation on your resume.