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GSoC has a new website for 2022!

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Known Issues

  • Safari issues with Mentor (or Org Admin) invitations: We have received a small number of reports of an infinite loop of redirects while accepting an invitation to become a Mentor when using Safari. As a workaround, please use a Chromium based browser such as Google Chrome.

  • If you receive an "Authentication failed: User not found" 404 error, you are not actually registered for GSoC. You must register for 2022 even if you had an account in a previous year. At this stage of the program, only Org Admins can invite other Org Admins or Mentors to be a part of the program. GSoC Contributors may begin registering on April 4th.

  • ❗Third-party cookies are required to use the site. They may be blocked by default in Chrome incognito mode. Cookies must be allowed for and