Sample Tasks

We ask you to provide around 25 sample tasks during registration to demonstrate your commitment and ability to produce at least 50 unique tasks for students to complete once the contest opens.

Google looks for:

  • A mix of tasks across multiple categories. (Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, and Design)
  • Tasks of appropriate scope, length, and complexity.
  • Fully fleshed out descriptions with enough information to get started on.
  • Clear and understandable descriptions and titles.
  • Appropriate tags for searchability.

It is possible to link to external resources for more detail, but the core task description must be on the contest website.


Below, please find some examples of tasks created by previous participating open source organizations. One size does not fit all -- every organization's tasks will be different -- but these examples should help guide you.

You can find more in the archive.

KDE Write the story of WikiToLearn

WikiToLearn has never had an about page, and the information about what it is and how it came to exsitence is scattered in all sorts of places. We need to unify it and make it visible and accessible to the users of the site.

  • Tags: content, promotion, wikitolearn
  • Categories: Documentation/Training, Research/Outreach

KDE Build any KDE application from git repository

For various tasks in KDE organization, you will be required to build the various KDE applications. This task aims to help you understand how to build various KDE applications on the distribution of your choice.

The three easy steps to build any application are:

  1. Get source code from the git.
  2. Install required dependencies.
  3. Build the application.

Ask on the #kde-soc IRC channel for more information. You are required to build KDE application of your choice and document steps you took to build it.

  • Tags: cmake, qt, c++
  • Catgegories: Coding
  • Beginner Task

HAIKU Fix a bug in the editor Pe

There are several bugs reported for the programmer's editor Pe. Fork the Pe repository, pick an issue and fix it. Submit your fix as pull request (see the HaikuPorter wiki which works pretty much the same).

  • Tags: c++, pe
  • Categories: Coding

FOSSASIA Run WineTest on Linux and submit the results

First you need to build Wine according to This will also build the testsuite and you can find it at =programs/winetest/winetest.exe.= To run it follow the instructions in Section "Running WineTest in Wine" at Expected outcome is the result showing up at

  • Tags: testsuite, linux, wine
  • Categories: Quality Assurance

COPYLEFT GAMES Webchat input history recall with up/down arrows**

Many chat clients allow you to press the up/down arrow to recall what you've previously typed. This may be useful functionality for our webchat client.

Implementing this will require keeping a FIFO buffer of previous input entries, storing only a certain number of entries so that long-term webchat use doesn't continue to grow memory use. The limit may be dozens of messages, just not unlimited. Starting with a down arrow should recall the oldest message in the buffer. When done, attach your changed commands.js to this task.

  • Tags: xmpp, javascript
  • Categories: Code, Outreach/Research

SUGAR LABS Update Turtle Blocks Manual

Research and Update this turtle Block Manual with the features of the latest released version:

  • Tags: turtle blocks, documentation
  • Categories: Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research

METABRAINZ FOUNDATION Create a "how to" for adding a place

We currently have a number of how tos, but none of them cover adding a place. Look at the current How To ideas on how to structure this article and write the article as a subpage for your wiki user (e.g.,

  • Tags: wiki, documentation, places
  • Categories: Documentation/Training