Device Access Console

Use the Device Access Console to create and manage Device Access projects.

When you first register, you have access to the Device Access Sandbox, an initial environment with the basic traits and API features that all Individual users have access to.

Register for Device Access

Before creating your first project, you must register for Device Access. Registration consists of the acceptance of the Google API and Device Access Sandbox Terms of Service, along with a one-time, non-refundable fee (US$5) per account.

You will not be able to create a project until you have accepted both Terms of Service and paid the registration fee. This applies to all users, both individual users and those looking to create a commercial offering.

Register in the Device Access Console, if you haven't already:

Go to the Device Access Console

Project list

The project list is the home screen of the console. From the project list you can create a new project, select an existing project, or navigate to documentation.

Device Access project list

Project information

Selecting a project opens the project information screen. From here, modify project properties like the project name or OAuth client ID, and see what traits are enabled for your environment. You can also submit a use case for Commercial Development here.

All projects start out in the   Sandbox   environment.

Device Access project information