Modify a Project

A Device Access Project can be modified through the Device Access Console.

Go to the Device Access Console

Select an existing project from the home screen to enter the project's information screen.

Modify the project name

Device Access project name

A project name can be changed at any time. The name must be 1-25 characters, including spaces.

  1. Click the icon to the right of the current project name at the top.
  2. Modify the project name and click Save when you're finished.

Modify the OAuth Client ID

The OAuth Client ID associated with your project can be changed at any time. Remember that an OAuth Client ID must be valid and unique to a project, and cannot be shared with other projects.

Take caution when changing your client ID. If you do so, any existing access tokens associated with the previous client ID will be deauthorized and any subsequent API calls made with those tokens will fail.

  1. Click the icon for OAuth client ID and select Edit.
  2. Update the client ID and click Save.

See Set up Google Cloud Platform for instructions on how to obtain a Client ID.

Enable events

If you've already enabled events (for example, during project creation), the Pub/Sub topic field in the Project Info section should already have a value, called a Topic ID, in the format of:


If you haven't enabled events:

  1. Click the icon for Pub/Sub topic and select Edit.
  2. Check Enable events and click Save.
  3. A Topic ID is generated for you in the format shown above.

Copy your Topic ID, you'll need it to create a subscription to the topic so event messages can be retrieved. For more information, see Events.

Apply for Commercial Development

If you're interested in becoming a Commercial partner, you'll need to submit your use case for review and approval by Google. Use the Apply for commercial development button to begin the process.

For more information, see Apply for Commercial Development.