Billable transaction testing

Before launching a Navigation SDK for Android implementation to production, you must complete testing to ensure the billable transaction calls are functioning as intended. Until the implementation test has passed, with a match rate of at least 99%, you may not exceed usage of the Navigation SDK for Android beyond the number of authorized drivers allowed for your evaluation. Testing consists of providing ride/delivery transaction data to Google, to allow comparison with data logged by the Navigation SDK for Android.

To complete the test, you must do the following:

  • When you have completed integration of the Navigation SDK for Android and are ready to scale across your driver fleet, send an email to indicating your readiness to complete the implementation test. The email must indicate the date and time you wish to start testing. You must send the email at least 2 business days prior to the desired starting date.
  • You will receive a response from Google within 1 business day after receipt of your email, approving the proposal.
  • For the test, you should use the Navigation SDK for Android in a production environment and may enable use by the number of drivers authorized for evaluation. For these rides/deliveries, you must have integrated the billing transaction functionality as described in the technical documentation and as intended for your production use. The testing must be run for a minimum of 48 hours and 1000 rides/deliveries.
  • Upon completion of the test period, you should provide the following data for all billable ride/delivery transactions completed during the test period using the Navigation SDK for Android. Data must be generated from your internal records rather than integrating code in your app to collect data alongside pickup and dropoff calls. You must send the data as a CSV file to The CSV file must contain the following data:
    • Transaction ID
    • UTC Timestamp of pickup/dropoff (Internet Date/Time format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss)
    • Action performed (in_app_nav_pickup_recorded OR in_app_nav_dropoff_recorded)
  • You will receive a response from Google within 2 business days after receipt of your email, indicating whether the test has passed or failed. The test will be considered passed if all transaction IDs provided by you match the ones logged by Google based on the pickup and dropoff calls made by the Navigation SDK for Android.
    • If the test has passed, you may proceed to launch the Navigation SDK for Android to production, assuming all other contractual requirements have been met. All billable ride/delivery transactions completed using the Navigation SDK for Android after the implementation test has passed will be billed per the terms of your agreement.
    • If the test has failed, Google will provide you with a list of unmatched transaction IDs and additional troubleshooting support to help resolve the problem. Assuming the problem is attributable to your implementation of the Navigation SDK for Android, once the problem has been resolved, you may repeat the test by following the steps above.

Please provide Google the timezone in which the timestamps are recorded in. Below is a trivial example showing the required format of the CSV file: