Library klien Address Validation API

Halaman ini menunjukkan cara memulai library klien untuk Address Validation API.

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Menginstal library klien


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Install-Package Google.Maps.AddressValidation.V1 -Pre

Menyiapkan autentikasi

Saat menggunakan library klien, Anda menggunakan Kredensial Default Aplikasi (ADC) untuk melakukan autentikasi. Untuk informasi tentang penyiapan ADC, lihat Memberikan kredensial untuk Kredensial Default Aplikasi. Untuk informasi tentang cara menggunakan ADC dengan library klien, lihat Autentikasi menggunakan library klien.

Menggunakan library klien


using Google.Maps.AddressValidation.V1;
using Google.Type;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public sealed partial class GeneratedAddressValidationClientSnippets
    /// <summary>Snippet for ValidateAddressAsync</summary>
    /// <remarks>
    /// This snippet has been automatically generated and should be regarded as a code template only.
    /// It will require modifications to work:
    /// - It may require correct/in-range values for request initialization.
    /// - It may require specifying regional endpoints when creating the service client as shown in
    /// </remarks>
    public async Task ValidateAddressRequestObjectAsync()
        // Create client
        AddressValidationClient addressValidationClient = await AddressValidationClient.CreateAsync();
        // Initialize request argument(s)
        ValidateAddressRequest request = new ValidateAddressRequest
            Address = new PostalAddress(),
            PreviousResponseId = "",
            EnableUspsCass = false,
            SessionToken = "",
        // Make the request
        ValidateAddressResponse response = await addressValidationClient.ValidateAddressAsync(request);

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