Important Updates

We’ve moved the effective date of our new pricing, and the $200 free monthly credit, to July 16th. We’re launching the new Maps, Routes and Places functionality on June 11th. To provide you with an additional month of lead time, our new terms and pricing won’t go into effect until July 16th. Please take advantage of this time to try the new features and familiarize yourself with how billing will work.

Starting June 11th

We will enforce the use of API keys beginning on June 11th. Keyless usage will result in a degraded experience, or an error. See the Guide for Existing Users for details.

Product changes

All product changes will be will be available to try, free of charge, between June 11th and July 16th:

  • Place Details requests (JavaScript, Web Service) now have a new fields parameter, allowing your app to return only the specified Place data.
  • Find Place (Web Service) is a new Place Search feature that takes a text input, and returns the requested place data.
  • The Places Library, Maps JavaScript API now has two new types of Find Place request:
    • FindPlaceFromQuery returns a place based on a text query (for example, the name or address of a place).
    • FindPlaceFromPhoneNumber returns a place based on a phone number.

Billing changes

Some products with revised billing will be available to try in beta, free of charge, between June 11th and July 16th:

  • Place Autocomplete now supports session-based billing. When a session token is used, autocomplete requests are not billed independently, but are instead billed once after a full autocomplete result is returned. For Autocomplete in the Places Library, Maps JavaScript API, sessions are automatically handled by the API (no code changes are required).
  • Maps Embed API requests using Directions, Street View, or Search will be billed at a higher rate (all requests are free until July 16th).
  • Places services will be billed in a more granular manner. Places Details requests, Places Text Search requests, and Places Nearby Search requests will each be reported separately. All Places requests are free until July 16th.
  • Places data SKUs will be reported (Basic Data, Contact Data, Atmosphere Data). For example, a single Place Details request may have multiple SKUs depending on the data that was returned. All Places data is free until July 16th.
  • QPD limits will be gradually removed in the coming weeks.

The current pricing model remains in effect until July 16th, with the exception of new services, which will be free ($0) between June 11th and July 16th.

  • Directions API requests using waypoint optimization and/or traffic models will be billed as Directions Advanced (all requests are billed using the current pricing model until July 16th).
  • Distance Matrix API requests using traffic models will be billed as Distance Matrix Advanced (all requests are billed using the current pricing model until July 16th).
  • Street View dynamic panoramas (from the Maps JavaScript API, Maps SDK for Android, or Maps SDK for iOS) will be billed as Dynamic Street View (all requests are billed using the current pricing model until July 16th).

  • If you have enabled billing, the console will show the new SKUs for usage after June 11th. If billing is not enabled, the new SKUs will not be visible.

  • To estimate your future spend, you may review your usage in the Billing Report (filter to only show dates beyond June 11th, and compare it to the new pricing). Learn more about how Google Maps Platform APIs are billed.
  • If you do not have access to your billing account, you can access usage information for your project by accessing the billing overview for your account.
  • Use the Pricing Calculator to get an estimate for your monthly costs.

Starting July 16th

Billing changes

Premium Plan Customers

The timeline above, does not impact customers with usage signed by a Premium Plan API key or Client ID. Premium Plan customers will start their migration in September, 2018. For Premium Plan customers, the new product changes will be available, and will be billed similarly to the existing Places API features.

  • Find Place requests will be charged the same as a Places API server-side and client-side request (2 Maps API credits).
  • Requested data fields do not affect the cost of a Places Details or Places Search request.
  • Autocomplete session billing is not supported; Autocomplete will only be billed per request.


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