The 3D Area Explorer solution allows you to explore neighborhoods and areas virtually and in 3D with a high degree of visual detail, identify points of interest, and create immersive, interactive experiences using Google Maps Platform Photorealistic 3D Tiles and the Places API.


Download the code and start building your 3D Area Explorer.

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Explore Chelsea neighborhood of NYC in rich 3D with various points of interests

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This web application provides a user-friendly interface that lets you customize the 3D experience:

  • Location Search: Use the integrated Google Maps Platform Autocomplete search bar to easily find the neighborhood you want to showcase. After you select a location, the camera seamlessly flies to that area.
  • Camera: Adjust the camera movement speed and orbit type to create the desired viewing experience.
  • Places (POIs): Define the density, search radius, and types of points of interest (such as restaurants, cafes, landmarks) that you'd like to feature.

Explore the Google Chicago office following a slow camera path, or see all of the Chicago area airports.

Explore Chicago

See Chicago airports

See a dense view of all the tourist attractions around the Las Vegas strip, or explore Las vegas following a high speed sinusoidal camera path.

View the Las Vegas strip

High speed Las Vegas tour

Explore the Grand Canyon with all of the key tourist attractions highlighted.

Grand Canyon highlights