Google Maps Platform APIs by Platform

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Maps SDK for Android. Maps for your native Android app.

Places SDK for Android. Connect your users with information about millions of places.


Maps SDK for iOS. Maps for your native iOS app.

Places SDK for iOS. Connect your users with information about millions of places.

Web APIs

Maps Embed API. Add a Google Map to your site without code or quota limits.

Maps JavaScript API. Customize maps with your own content and imagery.

Places Library, Maps JavaScript API. Up-to-date information about millions of locations.

Maps Static API. Simple, embeddable map image with minimal code.

Street View Static API. Real-world imagery and panoramas.

Web Service APIs

Address Validation API. Validate an address and its components.

Aerial View API. Create and display aerial view videos rendered using Google's 3D geospatial imagery.

Air Quality API. Request air quality data for a specific location.

Directions API. Directions between multiple locations.

Distance Matrix API. Travel time and distance for multiple destinations.

Elevation API. Elevation data for any point in the world.

Geocoding API. Convert between addresses and geographic coordinates.

Geolocation API. Location data from cell towers and WiFi nodes.

Map Tiles API. Provides high-resolution Photorealistic 3D Tiles, 2D Tiles, and Street View Tiles for building immersive, customized map visualizations.

Places API. Up-to-date information about millions of locations.

Pollen API. Get pollen information including types, plants, and indexes for a specific location.

Roads API. Snap-to-road functionality to accurately trace GPS breadcrumbs.

Routes API. The next generation, performance optimized version of the Directions API and Distance Matrix API.

Route Optimization API. Optimize multi-stop routes flexibly and intelligently for one or more vehicles.

Solar API. Provides access to the solar potential of hundreds of millions of buildings.

Time Zone API. Time zone data for anywhere in the world.

Cross Platform

Maps URLs. Launch Google Maps and initiate an action, like search or directions, using a common, cross-platform URL scheme.