Real-time Updates for Assistive Pickup

Partners can invoke a Google Maps Booking API to notify Google about their real-time updates to pickups. Both REST and gRPC are supported.

We will fetch the latest data from Partners by calling GetPickupDetails API Please ensure you aren't serving a stale, cached version of the pickup, or we won't get your update!

A request is ignored if the requested pickup is not subscribed to the PickupWithGoogle service.


  • Service:
  • Method:
HTTP request:
Request body:

The request body must be empty.

Response body:

If successful, the response body will be empty.

Authorization Scope:

Requires the following OAuth scope:


  • Service:
  • Method:
  • OAuth scope:
rpc InvalidateResource(InvalidateResourceRequest) returns (google.protobuf.Empty)
// Request to invalidate a resource.
message InvalidateResourceRequest {
  // The name of the resource to be invalidated.
  // For a Pickup resource, resource_id should have the format of
  // `partners/{partner_id}/pickups/{pickup_id}`.
  // Implementations MUST remove cached versions of the identified resource.
  string resource_id = 1;

Accessing the API

More details can be found in the developers guide.