Adding Cancellation Windows

How to Add Cancellation Windows

Cancellation windows define when the cancellation button is activate. This means the cancellation function will be inoperable in user confirmation emails and will disappear from all other surfaces.

Cancellation windows can be enabled in two ways: service-level and slot-level. The processes for specifying windows at these levels are discussed below.

If both a service-level and a slot-level cancellation window are set, the slot-level window will take effect. If neither are set, the cancellation window defaults to the start of the time slot (i.e. the user can be cancelled at the last minute).

Service-level cancellation windows can be enabled by specifying min_advance_online_canceling in the service feed:


  "metadata": { [...] },
  "service": [
      "rules": {
        "min_advance_online_canceling": 86400