Overview and Criteria

For a merchant to be eligible for Reserve with Google, they need to meet three main criteria:

  1. The business should have a physical location with an address (that we can match to our Google Maps database);

  2. Its services must be bookable using our existing service definition.

  3. The business must support auto-confirmation (manual confirmation is not supported)

Additionally, at this time the following services cannot be supported:

  • Services that are membership-based, subscription-based, or have recurring billing

  • Services requiring insurance, or unique legal requirements (e.g., dentists, healthcare, childcare, adult entertainment, etc.)

  • Services that are “on demand” or “mobile-based” (mobile haircuts, locksmiths, etc.)

  • Services that cannot be instantly confirmed (i.e., those that require merchant confirmation)

  • Services requiring additional steps in the booking flow, such as filling out a waiver

  • Services requiring custom fields related to the user (any fields beyond first name, last name, email address, phone number)

With the above in mind, merchants and their services that meet this criteria should theoretically be eligible for Reserve with Google. Examples of industries that nicely fit our product criteria include: beauty, fitness, wellness, dining, photography studios, pet grooming, fine arts class, education, etc.

Even within these approved categories we may blacklist merchants where the partner-provided appointment isn't necessarily the primary action that users expect to take at a location. We may hold on those opportunities until we have an appropriate method to address primary/secondary activities within our UIs. For example, a beauty appointment at a clothing retailer or similar.

As we review new merchant verticals that come in, we reserve the right to include / exclude as we see appropropriate. Our goal is to enable as many merchants as possible that fit our criteria.

Launch process

The diagram below outlines the process to launch your merchants on Reserve with Google.

Figure 1: High level integration steps

Overall, the major data flows between you (Partner) and Google are captured in diagram below:

Figure 2: Integration data flow diagram

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