Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Basics

New to machine learning, or need a refresher? Check out the resources below.

Machine learning (ML) is the field of study of programs or systems that trains models to make predictions from input data. ML powers some of the technologies that have become integral to our daily lives, including maps, translation apps, and song recommendations, to name a few.

You may hear the term "artificial intelligence," or AI, used to describe these technologies as well. Although sometimes used interchangeably, formally, ML is considered a subfield of AI. Artificial intelligence is a non-human program or model that can perform sophisticated tasks, such as image generation or speech recognition.

If you are new to ML, we recommend Introduction to Machine Learning. If you are trying to decide whether to use ML to solve a problem, Introduction to Machine Learning Problem Framing can help get you started.

For definitions of key concepts in ML, please see Machine Learning Glossary: ML Fundamentals.