Publish a Community Connector

You can publish your Community Connector in the Looker Studio Connector Gallery. Publishing will let all Looker Studio users easily find your connector and provide visibility to your connector based on connector name, description, and listed data sources.

Criteria Partner Connector
Description Partner Connectors are developed, deployed, maintained and supported by the connector developers.
Requirements View Requirements
Support You will need to actively support your connector, address user issues, and update code as needed.
Deployment You will manage and update your own deployment.
  • Will be added to the gallery as a Partner Connector and get better visibility.
  • Will be considered for inclusion in monthly newsletter.
  • Will be considered for additional promotion and publicity.
Submission Publish your Partner Connector

Connector discovery and ranking

The goal of the connector gallery is to help users discover and easily connect to a wide variety of data.

To increase discoverability of your connector, the best thing you can do is ensure users have a positive experience using your connector. This typically means building a high quality connector that performs as described and provides some level of support and ongoing maintenance. Features like direct links and report templates that showcase your connector can also help to promote and increase usage of your connector. We regularly review and optimize the discovery experience by experimenting with different visual formats and layouts, and enhancing our ranking algorithms.

The primary factor involved in ranking connectors is popularity. Publish date and longevity is also a factor and recently published connectors receive a short-term "ranking boost" to increase discoverability.

The order of published partner connectors is based on rank, including when filtered by search. However, there may be differences between the public gallery, which is the same for all viewers, and the in-product gallery, which will be customized for the signed-in user and list previously viewed/installed connectors first, followed by connectors that have not been viewed/installed.

To remove your Community Connector from the gallery, send a removal request to