Date range control

If you are working with a data source that requires a date range when fetching data, you can take advantage of the Looker Studio date range features.

To enable the date range control feature for your Community Connector, set dateRangeRequired to true in your getConfig response. Then, Looker Studio will include a start and end date with every getData request made to your connector.

getData behavior when dateRangeRequired is true

When dateRangeRequired is set to true in your getConfig response, each getData request will contain a dateRange object with startDate and endDate parameters. The date parameters will be in YYYY-MM-DD format. You can use these values in data fetch requests to third-party services.

  • By default, the date range provided will be the last 28 days, excluding today.
  • If a user applies a date range filter for a report then the date range provided will reflect the user selection.
  • When Looker Studio is attempting to detect semantic types, sampleExtraction is set to true in getData requests. For these requests, the date provided for the start and the end date is two days earlier than today.