Specifying bitrate and video format

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VAST responses can contain multiple media files with different bitrates and in different formats. The SDK chooses the appropriate bitrate based on the current network conditions:

  • max 500 kbit/s for cellular connection
  • unlimited for WiFi

If you want to specify preferred video formats and bitrate, use an AdsRenderingSettings instance to pass this information at the time of Ads Manager initialization.

function onAdsManagerLoaded(adsManagerLoadedEvent) {
  const adsRenderingSettings = new google.ima.AdsRenderingSettings();
  adsRenderingSettings.bitrate = 1024; //kbits
  adsRenderingSettings.mimeTypes = [ 'video/mp4', 'video/webm’ ];
  adsManager = adsManagerLoadedEvent.getAdsManager(
      videoContent, adsRenderingSettings);