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GITKit v3 is now availabile for a limited number of Trusted Testers. Learn more.

Google Identity Toolkit (GITkit) is a free toolkit for website operators who currently allow users to login with their email address and password, and would like to replace that password with federated login. It currently supports Google mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, AOL mail, and Google Apps mail but more identity providers will be added in the future. Other companies that are members of the OpenID Foundation offer similar functionality including Janrain, Microsoft, Gigya, and Ping Identity.

To improve the user experience, the toolkit supports an account chooser as shown below. In many cases it will enable a user to login to your site, even if they have never visited it before, simply by clicking the picture of the email address they want to use.

Figure: Login from

If the user’s e-mail is not yet in the account list, then when they click the button to add another account they will be shown the following screen with a list of identity providers or the option to just enter their email address.

Figure: New login widget provided from

How do I start?

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