Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) XML Reference

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This XML reference guide provides detailed reference content and code examples for the different messages, elements, and attributes available for Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) feeds.

ARI is a pricing delivery mode that controls nightly rates, availability, and inventory, and provides constraints on how these can be combined. ARI also provides flexibility to include taxes, fees, and promotions.

ARI follows the standard protocols of OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) for some of the main message types for defining availability and inventory.

ARI uses the following request messages:

  • Transaction (Property Data). Defines the type and package (rate plan) information.

  • OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ. Defines the nightly occupancy rate amounts per product (room type and rate plan combination) for specific date ranges.

  • OTA_HotelAvailNotifRQ. Defines availability and restrictions based on room type and rate plans. Inventory can also be updated using this message, but OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ is preferred.

  • OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ. Defines the physical room inventory or number of rooms available to be sold.

  • TaxFeeInfo. (Optional) Defines per-property taxes and fees. This message isn't required if AmountAfterTax is specified in the OTA_HotelRateAmountNotifRQ message.

  • Promotions. (Optional) Defines promotional rates for certain bookings, stays, and users.

  • RateModifications. (Optional) Defines rate modification rules for certain bookings, stays, and users.

  • ExtraGuestCharges. (Optional) Defines how rates should be configured for children and additional adults.

Each message contains a subset of information that Google uses to compute the prices and availability displayed to users when they search for your properties with specific check-in and check-out dates and desired occupancy.

ARI XML Reference revision history

The following table lists documentation updates for feature changes only.

Date Changes
August 14, 2020 Initial release.
October 21, 2020 Added the Promotions message type.
November 17, 2020 For Transaction (Property Data) messages, updated the endpoint and added the action attribute to PropertyDataSet elements.
November 24, 2020 For Transaction (Property Data) messages, added the <AllowablePackageIDs> and <AllowableRoomIDs> elements.
February 4, 2021 Added response messages.
February 25, 2021 Added OTA_HotelInvCountNotifRQ.
October 21, 2020 Added the Rate Modifications message type.