G Suite Marketplace Overview

What is the G Suite Marketplace?

The G Suite Marketplace showcases enterprise applications that can be added to an individual G Suite account or an entire domain.

Why should I list my application?

The Marketplace helps G Suite users find business applications that are integrated with G Suite, such as security, CRM, document management and project management tools. As an application developer, you can publish enterprise apps to the Marketplace for others to use. Administrators can also access the Marketplace from within the Google Admin console.

Who can use Marketplace applications?

Applications can be installed from the Marketplace and then launched directly from within Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar and other G Suite products. Both end users and G Suite administrators can discover and install new apps from the Marketplace. You can select whether you would like your application to be end-user installable or to require authorization by the domain’s G Suite domain administrator.

Where else should I consider listing?

You may also want to consider listing your application or extension on the Chrome Web Store or your Android application on Google Play.

The Chrome Web Store showcases applications for both consumer and business users that extend the experience on Chrome, either as an application or extension. The process for listing in the Chrome Web Store is similar to listing in the G Suite Marketplace and you can find out more in the Chrome Web Store Developer Documentation.

The Play Store is accessible to users on Android devices and has both consumer and business applications as well. You can find out more on how to get started in the Google Play Developer Documentation.

What's the process for listing in G Suite Marketplace?

Here is a top-level overview of the process in which you can develop and publish a Marketplace app:

  1. Set up a G Suite Marketplace project in your Developer Console

  2. Build your app, implementing both OAuth 2.0 with credentials generated in your project and one- or zero-click single sign on (SSO)

  3. Publish your app by uploading your listing resources and a manifest.json to Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard. If you have not previously published on the Chrome Web Store, you will need to pay a small fee $5 for your first listing

  4. A member of our team will review your listing and approve applications that meet our requirements

  5. Once you’re live, drive traffic to your G Suite Marketplace listing and generate leads

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