GTAC 2016

About the logo

The goal of the Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC) is to bring engineers together from all backgrounds: within the industry to academia and inside and outside of Google. This gathering of diverse minds to share knowledge for the advancement of technology inspired a logo design which embodies hope and belonging, which led to the GTAC 2016 logo above.

GTAC takes place each year at a different location, so it is essential to express the location of this year's GTAC, Sunnyvale California, within the logo. Since people attach memories to a place, it is important for the logo to create connections to the memories one has shared at the event. Breaking down Sunnyvale into two parts: Sunny and Vale, it only seemed appropriate to visualize a valley between two mountains with the sun rising from behind.

The color palette uses the classic Google colors which have always expressed a sense of playfulness and amiability. By referencing Google's color scheme, the logo stands for all of its values. In the case of GTAC, to make all participants feel welcome to join together and share their work without fear of judgement and learn from others without needing to compete.

Any good logo needs to be minimal enough to quickly be recognizable and get the point across. Shapes were simplified and text minimized to create one fresh logo which we hope you love as much as we do!

Need more info?

Stay tuned to this website and the Google Testing blog for information about attending or presenting at GTAC. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!