GTAC 2016: Speaker Profiles

Manasi Joshi

Manasi is a Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure at Google. She joined Google in 2005 and is currently leading a few initiatives and teams in the space of Display Advertising Business (Core Infrastructure). Manasi has led lots of critical launches in Ads and for the past couple years is working passionately to bridge the gap between testing and user privacy. Manasi is pursuing an Indian classical dance form called Kathak actively in her spare time and loves spending time with her 2 sweet boys and husband.

Tanya Jenkins

Tanya Jenkins is the Principal Automation Engineer for Cantilever Consulting, LLC. She has been a software engineer specializing in automation for most of her career. She is currently contracting with Suitable Technologies, Inc, developing automated tests for the Beam Telepresence robot. One of her favorite things about her work is solving complex automation problems. Always wanting to learn more, she has recently taken classes in Robotics and Machine Learning, and has already applied some of the things she learned in her present contract. When Tanya is not conquering automation challenges, she likes to play Volleyball, design and make fun clothing, volunteer for STEM projects to help kids, and brush up on French and Spanish.

Hima Mandali

Hima Mandali leads DevOps engineering teams at Capital One’s Card Advanced Engineering organization. His team focuses on building advanced engineering frameworks, infrastructure, cloud computing controls and CICD pipelines for various digital products coming out of Small business and Acquisitions tech teams. Prior to joining Capital One, Hima worked for TIAA CREF, Nokia Mobile Phones R&D Engineering as a developer, test automation and framework’s development lead. Hima graduated from the University of Dortmund(Germany) with a Master’s Degree in Robotics and Automation.

Boris Prikhodky

Boris leads QA Infrastructure team at Unity Technologies - a team which builds tools like Crash Analyzer, Bug Reporter, test usage statistics collection tools and supports QA Infrastructure of the company. Prior to Unity he was an M.C.Dean, Inc. branch office manager, DB team and development team lead. He is a strong supporter of TDD and Agile Software Development. Boris’ professional interests are refactoring, DDD, Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns. He holds a BS and MS degrees in' Applied Mathematics from Odessa National University. In spare time Boris likes swimming, music, sci-fi (especially Star Wars), psychology and is a Lego fan along with his 7-year son Arthur.

Nikolai Abalov

Nikolai Abalov works as Software Engineer at 2GIS (a local search company based in Russia) for 2+ years, developing tools and services for test automation and more. Nikolai is core developer of Winium project, the open-source Selenium-based automation framework for Windows Phone/Mobile and Desktop apps. In free time he plays tabletop games and have written a couple iOS applications to help set up and score games.

Brian Vanpee

Brian Vanpee is currently a Senior Test Engineer Extraordinaire® at Google managing a small team of software engineers automating the testing of mobile and server applications. Previously Brian worked for BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion) as a Team Lead on the Handheld Media team where he helped write many of the multimedia applications found on BlackBerry smart phones including the music and video players. Before that Brian worked on writing and testing video-on-demand solutions for the Cable TV industry, after having graduated with an Honours degree in Computer Science from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2003.

Rajkumar Bhojan

Rajkumar J.Bhojan, is a seasoned Test Automation Architect who has hands-on experience in Planning, Developing Strategies, Framework Designing, Coding, Debugging and implementing Test Automation Projects. He has overall 13.5 Years of professional experience in IT and has been associated with Wipro Technologies since 2007. He has executed projects in diverse geographies including India, Australia and USA. He has published and presented many technical papers in international conferences, journals and filed couple of Patents. He holds M.Sc. (Phy), MCA, M.Phil (CS). He is also a research scholar and his research areas include Machine Learning, IOT and Software Engineering. He has worked as a QA Manager, Corporate Trainer, Scrum Master and Test Consultant.

Alexander Brauckmann

Alex is a graduate Student at TU Dresden, Germany. As Software Engineering Intern at Citrix. He concentrates on Audio Quality Engineering, Scale Testing and Development of Real Time components in the product platform.

Dan Hislop

Dan has spent way too much of his 7 years with Citrix wearing a headset, listening for audio quality. Thinking there must be a better way, he dedicated last year to bringing teams together to find solutions for automating audio testing as a Test Architect. Before that he held a variety of roles testing the audio conference bridges that support GoToMeeting. Prior to joining Citrix, Dan worked for a startup company building low-bandwidth VoIP clients such as brower-based Click-to-Talk, which was acquired by Global IP Solutions.

Yanbin Zhang

Yanbin Zhang is a senior software engineer in Intel Software and Services Group. Having been in the test field for 8 years, Yanbin has comprehensive experience in both automation testing methodology and practice, and full of passion on test strategy innovation. Now she is leading Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC client SDK testing effort, and focusing on automation techniques of cross-platform API testing and maintenance including JavaScript, C++, Java, Objective-C etc.

Fedor Strok

I received my master degree from National Research University Higher School of Economics. I am working at Yandex for five years, more specifically at Banner System Development Unit. I am focused on aspects of quality assurance of our system in wide sense: test design, test automation, integration tests, release testing, production monitoring, and so on. Also I teach programming courses and ordered set theory at NRU-HSE. At spare time I do yoga classes and swim.

John Micco

John Micco is a senior manager at Google focusing on the internal Continuous Integration Testing and Continuous Deployment systems. He has been working in the software industry for 30 years and working on CI / CD solutions for the last 12 years.

Atif Memon

Atif M. Memon is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. Memon has published more than 140 peer-reviewed articles on software testing and software engineering. He is the General Chair of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing. In 2007, Memon was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a visiting researcher at Tata Research Development and Design Centre. In 2016, he was a visiting scientist at Google in Mountain View. He is the recipient of the Fraunhofer-Bessel award, given by the Alexander-von Humboldt Foundation in Germany, for his achievements in the field of applied software testing.

Monika Dhok

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Automation, IISc. My research interests are programming languages and software engineering. I have designed and proposed approaches to write tests to achieve high coverage in JavaScript programs and to detect performance issues. Some of my recent work also include introducing annotations in multithreaded programs automatically to improve performance. For more details,

Emanuil Slavov

Emanuil Slavov is Head of QA at Komfo. With more than 15 years of experience in software quality, he is directing cross-functional teams of technical experts to analyze systems and processes, creating and mentoring on applications in large-scale infrastructures. Expert in online financial transactions, secure file transfers, secure communication, infrastructure as well as legacy enterprise applications. Passioned about continuous improvement so that everyone can enjoy life. Blogs at on quality, development, engineering.

Rahul Gopinath

Rahul Gopinath is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at Oregon State University (OSU), due to graduate this year. His research focuses on software testing verification, with an emphasis on measurement of the effectiveness of software test suites. His research is informed by a decade of software engineering experience in companies such as the Sun Microsystems. His publications and blog can be found at

Taejun Lee

TJ is a software engineer on the Productivity Engineering team at Box. He has been at Box for over four years, and has worked on client-side developer tools, distributed services (such as ClusterRunner), cloud infrastructure, and has most recently delved into Desktop software. TJ has seen Box’s testing culture grow over the years, and has worked to make sure that Box's testing platform and infrastructure could scale to meet increasing demands. Prior to Box, TJ was a full-stack web developer at a small startup in San Francisco.

Joseph Harrington

Joey is an engineer in the Box Productivity Engineering team, which ensures all engineers at Box have the tools, information, and support they need to maximize their productivity. His team works as a multiplying factor, speeding up Box Engineering as a whole. ClusterRunner, Box's open-source distributed test runner, is one of the best examples of this, decreasing test feedback delay to engineers by 100x.

Ang Li

I have been working on Android and device test automation infrastructure since I graduated three years ago, during which time I visited all 59 US national parks without a driver's license.

Alexander Dorokhine

Alexander is a Software Engineer (Tools and Infrastructure) working at Google. He works on local and hermetic test environments, integration testing, performance testing, and mobile infrastructure. He enjoys writing, hiking, badminton and skiing.

Jitesh Gosai

Jitesh has over 13 years Test experience working with a wide variety of companies from Mobile manufactures to OS builders and app developers. He is currently the Test Manager for the Titan Team which build Test tools such as the HiveCI that helps the BBC scale test automation on multiple devices. Prior to this role he helped the Mobile Platforms team to identify their Test Automation approaches and how the teams transition to DevOps and beyond. He lives in Manchester, UK and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

David Buckhurst

David Buckhurst is an Engineering Manager at the BBC, looking after the teams who develop interactive TV applications such as iPlayer and Red Button. David has a long history of working with complex device-based challenges. He has been a vocal advocate of automated testing for years, having really seen the value of automation while developing emulator technology such as Apple’s Rosetta. More recently he lead the development of [Hive CI] — the BBC’s device testing cloud — and adopted an open development approach that has made many of the BBC’s testing tools available [open source] .

Jonathan Abrahams

Jonathan has over 30 years in the software industry working on large and small projects, from testing Aerospace embedded systems, to Foreign Exchange Trading system, Networking optical routers, Ad Exchange servers and Mobile media players. His particular interest is now in testing the MongoDB server and automating all that is possible.