GTAC 2014: Live Stream

If you would like to attend GTAC this year, but did not receive an invitation, you can still attend remotely. GTAC will be streamed live!

In addition, remote attendees can get involved in Q&A after each presentation by asking questions via Google Moderator. If you miss the live stream, we will be posting recordings a few days after the event.

Google Moderator Sessions

We have set up Google Moderator Sessions for GTAC 2014. There is one session (topic) for each talk. At any time during a talk, you can suggest questions for Q&A afterward. You can also vote on questions posed by others. During Q&A, we will select some of the highest ranked questions and pass these questions to the presenters.

Live Stream Day One (October 28, 2014):

Live Stream Day Two (October 29, 2014):

Live streams are also available with closed captioning.