GTAC 2014: Round Tables

We will provide opportunities for the local attendees to get together and discuss common problems/solutions/ideas during lunch time. The discussion topics are raised and voted by the attendees. If you have topics or interested in participating in other people's topics, be sure to go to the round table topics moderator page to raise or vote topics!

Suggest and vote on topics!

Round Table Discussions

For lunch each day, we will setup three tables for round table discussions. At any time before lunch, local attendees can suggest and vote on topics using the moderator page. The top voted topics will be announced shortly before lunch. Each session will have a note-taker and a host who facilitates the discussion. A ChromeBook will be provided for note taking. Each session will also choose a speaker who presents a summary during GTAC on Thursday (see Round Table Talks on the schedule).

Round Table Presentations

The Round Table Presentations are on the second day. The organizers will reach out to the speakers to arrange the talk time. We strongly suggest the speakers to come up with short slides based on discussion notes. The GTAC organizers will collect the slides before the talks.