A collection of all existing calendars. See also Calendars vs CalendarList.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "calendar#calendar",
  "etag": etag,
  "id": string,
  "summary": string,
  "description": string,
  "location": string,
  "timeZone": string
Property name Value Description Notes
description string Description of the calendar. Optional. writable
etag etag ETag of the resource.
id string Identifier of the calendar. To retrieve IDs call the calendarList.list() method.
kind string Type of the resource ("calendar#calendar").
location string Geographic location of the calendar as free-form text. Optional. writable
summary string Title of the calendar. writable
timeZone string The time zone of the calendar. (Formatted as an IANA Time Zone Database name, e.g. "Europe/Zurich".) Optional. writable


Clears a primary calendar. This operation deletes all events associated with the primary calendar of an account.
Deletes a secondary calendar. Use calendars.clear for clearing all events on primary calendars.
Returns metadata for a calendar.
Creates a secondary calendar.
Updates metadata for a calendar. This method supports patch semantics.
Updates metadata for a calendar.

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