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Create great game experiences with Google Play Games services

Overview of Google Play Games services
Add achievements, leaderboards, multiplayer support, and other exciting game features to your mobile and web games

Drive engagement with leaderboards

  • Let players compare their scores with friends using social leaderboards.
  • Automatic support for daily, weekly, and all-time high scores.
  • Build leaderboards.

Learn how players interact with your game, and introduce new quests New!

  • Define events to capture player metrics and analyze gameplay behavior.
  • Add quests to introduce time-bound in-game challenges that players can complete to earn rewards.
  • Integrate events and quests in your game.

Reward players with achievements

  • Encourage users to explore your game in new and interesting ways.
  • Full support for secret achievements and incremental achievements.
  • Add achievements to your game.

Seamlessly store progress with Saved Games

  • A player can start a game on their Android phone and continue where they left off on her tablet, web browser, or iOS device.
  • Simple API calls make Saved Games easy and assist with conflict management.
  • Save game data to the cloud.

Build multiplayer games for Android and iOS

  • Bring players together with real-time and turn-based gameplay to your title.
  • Create competitive and cooperative experiences using Google+ Circles and auto-matched players online.
  • Develop real-time multiplayer and turn-based multiplayer games.

Defend your turf with anti-piracy

  • Optional anti-piracy features for Android can disable game services for titles not purchased from the Play Store.
  • Secure your game.