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Create great game experiences with Google Play game services. Add achievements, leaderboards, and real-time multiplayer to your mobile and web games, and let players share their gaming experience with friends.

Drive engagement with leaderboards

  • Let players compare their scores with friends using social leaderboards.
  • Automatic support for daily, weekly, and all-time high scores.
  • Build leaderboards.

Build multiplayer games for Android and iOS New!

  • Bring players together with real-time and turn-based gameplay to your title.
  • Create competitive and cooperative experiences using Google+ Circles and auto-matched players online.
  • Develop real-time multiplayer and turn-based multiplayer games.

Reward players with achievements

  • Encourage users to explore your game in new and interesting ways.
  • Full support for secret achievements and incremental achievements.
  • Add achievements to your game.

Seamlessly store progress with Cloud Save

  • A player can start a game on their Android phone and continue where they left off on her tablet, web browser, or iOS device.
  • Simple API calls make Cloud Save easy and assist with conflict management.
  • Save game data to the cloud.

Sign in users and drive Android installs

  • Improve registration by letting players sign in with their Google account.
  • Help players ask friends to take specific action in a game, like "challenge", "attack", or "accept gift".
  • Let web users instantly download and install your Android game.
  • Add sign-in.

Defend your turf with anti-piracy

  • Optional anti-piracy features for Android can disable game services for titles not purchased from the Play Store.
  • Secure your game.

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