Tap into the power of Google's Knowledge Graph with Freebase data

Freebase is a free, knowledge graph with millions of people, places, and things.

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Identify Freebase topics in your app

Use the Search Widget to easily lookup and disambiguate entities in your application.

Download the complete graph as RDF

Every fact and entity is available as an RDF Dump which makes it easy to analyze all of Freebase on your own computer.

Get images, desciptions and note-worthy facts

The Topic API allows you to get all the facts for an entity in JSON or RDF.

What is Freebase?

Freebase contains tens of millions of topics, thousands of types, and tens of thousands of properties. By comparison, English Wikipedia has over 4 million articles. Each of the topics in Freebase is linked to other related topics and annotated with important properties like movie genres and people's dates of birth. There are over a billion such facts or relations that make up the graph and they're all available for free through the APIs or to download from our weekly data dumps.

API reference docs

Read our API documentation to see how easy it is to build apps with Freebase.

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Freebase API (Deprecated)
Freebase API (Deprecated)