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Public Member Functions

KmlLinearRing getOuterBoundary ()
void setOuterBoundary (KmlLinearRing outerBoundary)
GELinearRingContainer getInnerBoundaries ()

Detailed Description

A Polygon is defined by an outer boundary and 0 or more inner boundaries. The boundaries, in turn, are defined by LinearRings. When a Polygon is extruded, its boundaries are connected to the ground to form additional polygons, which gives the appearance of a building or a box. Extruded Polygons use PolyStyle for their color, color mode, and fill.

Member Function Documentation

Contains a LinearRing element.

void KmlPolygon.setOuterBoundary ( KmlLinearRing  outerBoundary)

Contains a LinearRing element.

Contains a LinearRing element. You can specify multiple innerBoundary properties, which create multiple cut-outs inside the Polygon.

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