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string getType ()
bool equals (KmlObject compareTo)
string getId ()
string getUrl ()
KmlObject getParentNode ()
KmlDocument getOwnerDocument ()
void release ()

Detailed Description

The base class for all the other objects in the Google Earth Plug-in. The methods and behavior of KMLObject are inherited by all other objects. This is an abstract base class and cannot be used directly. It provides the id attribute, which allows unique identification of an object.

Member Function Documentation

string KmlObject.getType ( )

The interface name (i.e. 'KmlPlacemark') of the object.

bool KmlObject.equals ( KmlObject  compareTo)

Test whether this object is the same as another object. Useful for Chrome and Safari, where the comparison a==b sometimes fails for plugin objects.

string KmlObject.getId ( )

The unique ID of the KML object.

string KmlObject.getUrl ( )

The unique URL of the KML object. This is the base address joined with the ID using the # character. For example:

The parent node of the KML object.

The document that owns the KML object.

Permanently deletes an object, allowing its ID to be reused. Attempting to access the object once it is released will result in an error.

Calling this method is not required; JavaScript's garbage collector will automatically delete unused objects after some indeterminate amount of time.

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