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GETourPlayer Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void setTour (KmlTour tour)
void play ()
void pause ()
void reset ()
float getCurrentTime ()
void setCurrentTime (float currentTime)
float getDuration ()

Detailed Description

This interface enables programmatic and user-driven interaction with KML tours in the Google Earth Plugin.

This interface is still under development.
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Member Function Documentation

void GETourPlayer.setTour ( KmlTour  tour)

Enters the given tour object, exiting any other currently active tour. This method does not automatically begin playing the tour.

If the argument is null, then any currently active tour is exited and normal globe navigation is enabled.

Plays the currently active tour.

Pauses the currently active tour.

Resets the currently active tour, stopping playback and rewinding to the start of the tour.

The current elapsed playing time of the active tour, in seconds.

void GETourPlayer.setCurrentTime ( float  currentTime)

The current elapsed playing time of the active tour, in seconds.

The total duration of the active tour, in seconds. If no tour is loaded, the behavior of this method is undefined.

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