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    This dataset is contains orthorectified imagery from the Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer type 2 (AVNIR-2) sensor on-board the Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) "DAICHI". The AVNIR-2 ORI product was created from AVNIR-2 1B1 data after stereo matching with reference to ALOS's Panchromatic Remote-sensing …
    alos avnir-2 eorc jaxa orthorectified visible
  • ALOS DSM: Global 30m v3.2

    ALOS World 3D - 30m (AW3D30) is a global digital surface model (DSM) dataset with a horizontal resolution of approximately 30 meters (1 arcsec mesh). The dataset is based on the DSM dataset (5-meter mesh version) of the World 3D Topographic Data. More details are …
    alos dem elevation geophysical jaxa topography
  • Global PALSAR-2/PALSAR Forest/Non-Forest Map

    The global forest/non-forest map (FNF) is generated by classifying the SAR image (backscattering coefficient) in the global 25m resolution PALSAR-2/PALSAR SAR mosaic so that strong and low backscatter pixels are assigned as "forest" and "non-forest", respectively. Here, "forest" is defined as the natural forest with …
    alos alos2 classification eroc forest jaxa
  • Global PALSAR-2/PALSAR Yearly Mosaic

    The global 25m PALSAR/PALSAR-2 mosaic is a seamless global SAR image created by mosaicking strips of SAR imagery from PALSAR/PALSAR-2. For each year and location, the strip data were selected through visual inspection of the browse mosaics available over the period, with those showing minimum …
    alos alos2 eroc jaxa palsar sar